Insurance Law and Procedures

Ivanova & Partners Law Firm provides legal advice and representation before all courts in the matter of insurance cases, as follows:

• Provides advice on your rights as an injured party in an accident and the insurer liability, inclusive of personal injury and damage of a property or other assets  claims, as well as assistance in the process of collection of all necessary documents in order to consider a court claim;

• Legal advice with regard to the compulsory Third Party Insurance in a road accident;

• Legal advice and assistance regarding accidents involving the carriage of passengers in public transport;

• Advice with regard to work accidents;

• Advice on all types of insurance – compulsory and optional.

• Assistance in negotiating with the insurer to voluntarily settle your insurance claim; Drafting out-of-court agreements;

• Legal representation before all court instances in insurance cases of all kinds.

• Comprehensive legal services for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers.