Ivanova and Partners Law Firm is registered with The Law Society of England and Wales, as Not an SRA-regulated law practice, which uses the services of  external specialists in some areas of English Law and procedures, and thus could offer you through them, the following range of services in the UK (Jurisdiction England and Wales): 

  • Limited Liability Companies Registration, Partnerships registration, as well as self-employment registrations – drafting the required papers and filling the applications for registrations;
  • Drafting of Company‘s minutes for filing Company‘s Annual Reports, Company‘s Changes (name, address, director, PSCs, company‘s secretary ets.) with the Companies House;
  • Drafting and execution of residential housing rental contracts and commercial property rental contracts; Legal advice on rental and leasing contracts for residential and commercial properties; Advice on dispute resolution in relation to rental contract disputes;
  • Drafting of construction contracts for internal repairs and building works of residential homes and advice on any legal issues arisen between the parties to such contract;
  • Advice on immigration law and matters;
  • Assistance with applications for all types of immigration visas (business investors and entrepreneurs visas, work permits and student visas), Indefinite leave to remain in the UK, as well as British Citizenship; 
  • Family Law Matters –  Divorce Petitions and Applications for Financial Orders, Advice in relation to parental rights, child and/or spouse/partner maintenance,;
  • Advice on inheritance matters and drafting of Wills;
  • Advice on Employment Law matters, including discrimination in the workplace, unfair dismissal and unfair deductions from pay;