Employment Law

Ivanova and Partners Law Firm provides legal advice and consultation on deferent aspects of the Employment Law for both Employers and Employees. We have clients in different sectors of business and the public sector. Our team of specialist Employment lawyers can help you with the following:

  • Advice on Employment Contracts
  • Advice on Health and Safety issues at work
  • Advice and Drafting of Employment Contracts and Collateral Employment agreements
  • Advice and drafting of company’s polices and rules
  • Advice on applications for Work permits for foreign workers
  • Advice on registration and Employment contracts for EU citizens

We also handle all types of Employment disputes regarding the following:

  • Unfair dismissal;
  • Discrimination on the grounds of sex, age, disability, and age;
  • Redundancies and unpaid compensations;
  • Breach of Employment contract;
  • Legal Representation before Trade Unions;
  • Legal Representation before all courts and tribunals;
  • Compromise agreements;