Administrative Law and Judicial Review

Ivanova and Partneres Law Firm has an extensive experience in the area of Administrative Law and procedures. We provide our clients with advice on different administrative matters as well as legal representation before all instances of the Administrative Courts in Judicial Review Cases. Our expertise includes also applications for licenses, permits, and certificates in various sectors of the economy.

We provide the following services:

  • Drafting statements of case necessary for initiation of administrative procedures and judicial review, as stipulated by  Bulgarian Law;
  • Drafting Defences, Witness Statements, Instructions to Experts;
  • Drafting applications for licenses, permits and certificates;
  • Legal Representation regarding individual administrative acts and administrative proceedings before state authorities;
  • Appeals against individual administrative acts before the Bulgarian Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court of Justice in Bulgaria;
  • Appeals against normative administrative acts before the Supreme Administrative Court of Justice in Bulgaria;
  • Representation before the state’s special jurisdictions for settlement of legal disputes;
  • Appeals against administrative penalties before a higher public body and the respective court.